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Just like humans need regular checkups with medical professionals, trees require specialized care from arboricultural experts to keep them healthy and thriving.

At Erie PA Tree Service, our certified arborists are the tree doctors you can rely on for comprehensive tree health services in the Erie region.

We understand that trees are a valuable, living part of your landscape. More than just nice greenery to look at, trees provide shading, privacy, and curb appeal that significantly enhances your property.

But when trees are neglected or face diseases, pests, or environmental stresses, they can quickly become unsightly liabilities.

That’s where our team of tree doctors comes in. We have the deep tree care knowledge and experience to properly diagnose and treat any tree health issues before minor problems escalate into severe or even life-threatening situations.

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Services from Erie’s Best Tree Doctors

Our arborists are equipped to administer all kinds of tree care “treatment plans” tailored to each client’s unique needs. Erie PA Tree Service specializes in:

Tree Disease Diagnosis & Treatment – Whether it’s fungal diseases like anthracnose or bacterial afflictions such as wetwood, we’ll identify the culprit and develop a customized treatment regimen using proper methods and approved arboricultural products.

Pest Inspection & Prevention – Harmful insects like emerald ash borers, tent caterpillars, and scale can decimate tree health. Our plant health care (PHC) programs target and eliminate pest threats using environmentally-responsible pest control tactics.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization – An unstressed, nutrient-rich tree is a healthier, more vigorous tree. Our deep root fertilization revitalizes growth while boosting resistance to diseases and environmental stressors.

Air Spading & Root Zone Care – Your tree’s underground root system is just as crucial as the part above ground. Using air spading tools, we inspect and treat root zones to correct girdling roots, compaction, and other root issues.

Tree Injections & Microinjections – In severe cases, our tree MDs will administer injectable disease control formulations directly into the trunk for fast-acting treatment of tree diseases and pests.

Essentially, we provide progressive plant health care for any issue impacting trees and shrubs on your residential or commercial Erie property. From problem diagnosis to the most cutting-edge treatments, your treasured trees will be in skilled, knowledgeable hands.

Why Choose Our Tree Doctors?

Choosing the “right” tree doctor for your property is crucial to getting the most effective care and results. Erie PA Tree Service brings distinct qualities that make us Erie’s best choice:

  • Very Experienced: With over 27 years of experience caring for Erie’s urban forest, we have the expertise to handle any tree service need safely and efficiently. Our track record speaks for itself.
  • Reputation: We have earned our excellent reputation in Erie by always going above and beyond for customers. Check out our 5-star online reviews.
  • Certified Arborists on Staff: Our arborists hold degrees and certifications from elite organizations like the International Society of Arboriculture. Their expertise is backed by rigorous training and science-based knowledge.
  • Best Tools & Technology – From resistograph decay detection to injection technology, we use the most advanced tools to precisely evaluate tree health and deliver treatments accurately.
  • Plant Healthcare Accreditation – Our company has received certifications from groups like the Tree Care Industry Association for our adherence to best practices in safety and tree care quality.
  • Clear Client Communication – We believe in transparency with our clients, keeping you informed and educated throughout any service process.
  • Pricing: Our fair, affordable pricing reflects our efficiency and care. We provide free estimates and have competitive rates.
  • Licensed & Insured: We are the licensed tree experts and fully insured for your complete protection and peace of mind.
  • Bonded: We are bonded for the security of our customers. You can trust us to deliver professional service.

Our arborists are also ISA Certified and we adhere to strict industry standards and practices. When you choose us, you know your trees are in the best hands. Call Erie PA Tree Service today for exceptional tree care services.

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